India Vs The Burqa: Women in burqa steal gold chain from shop

Four burqa-clad women managed to steal a gold chain weighing 38 grams and worth Rs 1.15 lakh from a jewellery store in Thane, India. After flicking the chain the ladies decided to leave the shop saying they weren’t able to decide what to buy. After the four left the shop, the jeweler realized that they have been robbed of a gold chain. The jeweler then filed a complaint with Thane Nagar Police station on Friday. A case has been registered under Section 420, 379 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. (Source:Times of India-8 Jun 2014)

In August 2013 in Hyderabad, Two burqa-clad women gained entry into the house of a private employee, tied up the housewife and stole a small quantity of gold at Amberpet.
(Source: Times of India)

Back in 2010, citing security concerns and not religious ones, the Shiv Sena had called for a ban on the burqa in Maharashtra after a two-month-old baby was stolen from a hospital in Santa Cruz and through CCTV footage and statements from the baby’s family the police have zeroed in on a burqa-clad woman as the possible perpetrator. An editorial in the Sena’s mouthpiece, Saamna, said the theft shows that the burqa is being grossly misused and the government should put a statutory ban on it. The editorial urged home minister R R Patil to formulate a law banning the burqa.

Representatives of the Muslim community slammed the Sena’s demand, with both clerics and moderate secularists saying it only betrayed the party’s deep-rooted bias against Islam and Muslims. They added that any anti-burqa campaign by parties like the Sena would only hamper real reforms in the community.

However, reformist Islamic scholar Asghar Ali Engineer said that crimes cannot be stopped by banning burqas. “Deal with the theft. Don’t demand something that is not practical and can only communalize the atmosphere. If reforms need to be brought into a community, they should come from within,” said Engineer.
(Source: Times of India)

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