Healthy Alia Bhatt Photoshopped In Magazines to Look Thinner

Photoshopping, digital alteration, image manipulation. Everyone talks about the fact that so many images of women are “perfected” with the help of technology, but do we really understand how serious this issue is? Like exactly HOW MUCH these photos are manipulated to fit some seriously unrealistic ideals that we view constantly?

The naturally beautiful and perfectly healthy Alia Bhatt is heavily photoshopped to match upto the beauty standards set by the magazines!

alia bhatt photoshop
alia bhatt fat photoshop

Some thoughts after seeing these magazine covers:

She is without doubt one of the most beautiful actors we have right now.But the above photos are not doing justice to her.

great example of bad photoshop :(. She is so pretty, why do they have to try to make her look chiseled ? She is young and pretty, why cant she just be that ??

Unfortunately, this case study is pretty representative of thousands more that appear in magazines, on billboards, in advertisements, in stores and everywhere else you can think of every single day.

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