12 thoughts on “Best and Worst Plastic Surgery Beauties of Bollywood

  1. woow…shruti hassan looks so different (and beautiful 🙂 )..what did she have done? it can only be her nose LOL

  2. Well, if you call people “fat transsexual” and ruin their self esteem, then they might have to get plastic surgery to make themselves feel better and boost their self esteem!!

  3. Priyanka looks damn ordinary without make up. She should not lie about her Plastic surgery. That shows her in poor light . Shruti is not good looking . Hope she can prover herself on the acting front at least !

  4. I think all 3 of them looked wonderful and perfect just as they were naturally. going under the knife was redundant as they had already established themselves as good actresses and got a foothold in the industry. anyhoo, they still do fine with their looks,(only they aren’t paid for their hearts!;P)

  5. Shruti Rajalaksmi Hassan look better now.
    She look fat after many years ago !

    No problem, uski rich dady abhi tak zinda hay !!!

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