Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture: Another disaster?

anushka sharma plastic surgery

Anushka Sharma Then Vs Now

Anushka Sharma is rumored to have had some work done on her lips and  nose. She had a unique face and she stood out from the rest. I guess she’s aiming for a more sexier look but now she’s just following the path of Priyanka Chopra and Katrina into plastic surgery’s vicious cycle. Here’s the final comparison: image Would love to hear your views. Do you think it was a good move?

anushka sharma surgery lips

Anushka Sharma in 2012

On being questioned by Headlines Today, here is what she had to say: ” I have read this and you want to make me feel uncomfortable (by asking this)… This is a highly personal question. I don’t believe in these things and I have always said that I don’t need to. I am not a fool that I will go and get my face changed in the mid of my career. I would have done it from the first film had I have wanted to do so”

anushka sharma dil dhadakne doUpdated photo from sets of Dil Dhadekne Do shows some new changes! Looks like a lip job ?

anushka sharma dil dhadekne do surgery

184 thoughts on “Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture: Another disaster?

  1. i never knew she underwent a surgery. Thts y she looks diff now. I used to find her very pretty,especially in band baaja baraat. She looked beautiful in tht movie. But now,tht beauty is seen nowhere.

    • Bilkul buri nhi lag rhi ho aap.Aap bht Achi lag rhi ho .ap phlay bh khoobsurat the or ab or Ziada khoobsurat lgti ho . Dosroun ki baton per dehan na dayn. Aap ko jo acha lagta he hamesha Wohi Karen q k Wohi shi hota he.

  2. Hello – India dear
    I am a Vietnamese, I love the movie of your country, I know more about India and I love India more through those movies. I also loved Indian actors, especially the actress Anushka Sharma. I love her personality, her talent, her natural beauty, her charming smile and her role. I love her very much. But lately, everyone noticed her appearance has changed, especially her face. I cried when I saw the picture of her recently. I cried because I regret a natural beauty has been lost, because I love her. I do not understand why she thinks she needs to change her appearance.
    I hope she can read these lines. I want to thanks for the message sent to Anushka something with my most sincere as a person who loves my idol:
    “Anushka, you know that the image of a Taani or Shruti vibrant with natural beauty and looks beautiful soul went to the hearts of millions of people. You are very talented, because you’re different. You do not have to like anyone. We love your talent, your personality, and above all we love you because you are yourself. You should stop at the appearance and personality of Akira. You do not need to change anything at all. Is enough for our happiness when seeing you. Anyway, I still love you. I will always keep the image a Anushka personality and natural in my heart. Wishing you more happiness and success. ”
    (From a big fan of Anushka Sharma in Vietnam)

  3. anushka u had natural beauty but sorry to say u r ungrateful to god i think very few people have got real beauty from god n u were one of them but now u r like rakhi sawant u r really ungrateful to ur parents that they had cinderella but u r just fool just fool it seems that i have loss my all happiness n life by just seeing ur face it seems to me that i woke up from a terrible dream so why u r not feeling this becoz u have lost “anushka sharma” n now u r rakhi sawant type bazari aurat sooooo sad 😦

  4. hi anushka sharma my name is aksh n i really like you, yes this is true that i was very tens why you have become so lin and thin, pliz do take care of yours and your health, no matter how busy you are take time rest and food pliz,your carrying frend aksh

  5. there is nothing that i don’t like about you, but still one humble request that never do intimate scene and kissing scene,pliiiiiiiiiiiz,that dafinately makes you rich but distroys your dignity,i am not a fan of yours but i don’t know why i like you so much more than anything,in this would be my honour to meet you and drink a cup of coffi with the world’s beautiful women anushka sharma

  6. happy birthday my dear anushka sharma i wish i could take a small party with me and gift you what you ask for,well i storngly have faith that one day i will surelly meet you and make you my best friend,apart from this i want you to say one thing that you mush understant and follow in your life no matters what happens, always be happy just as you are in your born day,and keep that life giving smile always be with you, give a dam to all and love your self, i will always pray for you my dear, since i have been doing the day i first time i saw you in jasmine oil adevertizement, and now i use all that you have adevetise at add

  7. words are never with you, so i will tell you what are my likes and dislikes,
    1.I don’t like you when you cry, i can make it out when i see your eyes
    2.I don’t like when someone talks bad about you, i had a fight for that maximum times
    3.I don’t likes ranvirsingh coz he hurts you, make you cry, i hate him like anything, n he is the frist and the last human in my life that i hate
    4.I don’t like people see your body and passing and thinking bad, chip about you
    5.i don’t want you too do any more kissing or bed scene in future.

  8. one very inportant thing you should notice, that when sonakshi is famous without any bad scene that you have to do these things, be taniji,my tanii forever believe me you’ll be the most lovable and respected lady in bollywood and everyone’s eye and heart. well, enough said, hope you not mind an stranger’s thinking about you, i will soon meet you my dear, till then let the rays of your smile make you more beautiful. gudevening great eve from your true friend aksh

  9. i thnk ki wo pehle hi zyada bekar lag rhi hai…………ise toh uthakar kisi mueum mein rkh dena chahiye……….my opinon is that she should get back 2 her old,cute& pretty look……….

  10. pehle jada achi lagti thi.. ab tooo dekhne ka bhi man nahi hota hai… new look is not gud and atractive… pehle to kya lagti thi .. but ab third class

  11. aww….wat she had done…?
    its so weird.. firstly i like her smile alot bt nw… i hate wen she smiles…
    u did a big mistake sweetheart…..

  12. She looks like a 6 no….n dng knw these days directors n producers can’t judge ki who r Gud actresses….he can they tk anushka …she is vry vry vry bad in acting n also in looksssddd….

  13. anushka u r so pretty tm plzzz in sab ke comments per dhyan mat dena q k wo sab kamne hai jo tmhari khubsurti per jalte hai so plzzz dont mine ok bye swwet heart

  14. Anushka you are LOOKING tooo UGLY!!!!PLEASE have original FACE other actressess are better than you!!Look katrina kaif she is soo gorgeus and kareena kapoor too….

  15. ANUSHKA you are not looking BEAUTY OF QUEENS….Sooo please dont disturb your face By the way other actressess look better than you!!

  16. u looking beutifull in band baja barat and rabne banadi jodi plzzzz ane wali filmo me b aise hi achhi lagana

  17. And then they say they want real men… when the women are fake! Why can’t you be happy with what god gave you! and honestly speaking, she got to work with SRK at first place because who she WAS not who she is..

  18. You are looking so Beautifull & Cute Before Surgery
    After Surgery you are looking ?????
    This is you big mistake of Surgery

  19. hi anushka r u stupid i think tm bhool rahi ho k tm katrina se better ho but shahhhee tm ne to surgury karwali ooohhhhhh so sad anushka i think u r mad ur tottaly mad

  20. u look horrible anushka…we really dnt wanna see u henceforth nt coz u luk ugly ..its coz u dnt respect god’s creation

  21. yyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ugly super uucking fugly

  22. anushka why did u did this….. oh god u seemed very nice before the surgery…. why did u do this? why?why?why? sweetheart ur surgery has definetly gone wrng …. pls change back dear…..

  23. Anushka,what made you to decide on undergoing a knife on your face.??? Too bad decision and it is highly impossible to undo lost your pretty look and your lovely smile.Condolences..!!!

  24. Sallam anushka sharma g i love ur all pictures movies without surgery AP pehlay jitni khobsurat this ab wesi nahi lg Rae apko surgery ki zaroorat Kia this achi bhali shakable bighaar di so sad.

  25. watever it may be v r no one to critise anyone she was and will always be amongst top most beauties………..hey anushka dear dont think abt wat loosers say, u must be aware abt the fact that only loosers criticise becoz dey have stock of it , and dere r definitely more to criticise and less to support,,,,,,be happy u stil luk fabulous darling and ol my frnds think d same ……….ur future is definitely bright… grandma lyks u alot…..she finds u d best example of simplicity at its best …..frankly as Akira i think u were really better than Meera …believe me……….luv u ,dont be tensed abt critics dese follow and serve as obstacle in every great man’s path…………..kasam se if i get chance to be lyk u in luks i vil definitely be………….

  26. oh! anushka u lookig great baby but itne khubsurat se chahere ko bigadne ki kya zaroorat thi? but ab b tm kuch kam nhi lag rhi ho…………. take care
    ur fan : pari

  27. she is looking so ugly … is stupit ko kya zarorat the plastic surgary ke ,,,katrina kaif nai anushka ko plastic surgary karney ko kaha tha ,,,,aur is liye anushka is angry with katrina ………….,,,,,,now

  28. Well honestly i am one big anushka fan i feel she doesnt need any surgery. But she definitely got a lip job i don’t see no requirement i also feel ger eyebrows are thicker . i wish i coul watch the anushka from rab ne just as raw and fresh a face . She was just beautiful

  29. what i didnt like about this whole surgery story of hers is not the fact that she looks weird…i didnt like the fact that she is denying it so blatantly when it’s totally obvious …and the reason that people are talking too much about her lips is because the change is too drastic…i mean with katrina and priyanka it is more subtle….you cannot tell unless you look too closely..but in anushka’s case i noticed it right away in that award show…anyway regardless of that we should avoid the hate talk. it’s not nice.

  30. why! why! whyy!! She was sooo pretty before! Why did she have to do to this and make herself look terrible. Her face looks as fake as Preity Zinta now!

  31. hey anushka u r luking very gud before also n after also dont listen those words who dont like u let them say anything i like u very much luv u a lot take care byeeeee<3<3<3,

  32. OMG! you looked lovely pehle..and would have looked lovelier without going under the knife. however..i am still a fan of your acting skills and when bollywood can warmly accept actors like konkna sen sharma, priyanka chopra, malilka sherawat, you are way better sweetheart..:heart :heart :heart.

  33. What was the need for a plastic surgery???..
    its been a real disaster..
    you had such a cute and beautiful face with an innocent smile..
    you were really attractive and a damn gorgeous lady..
    but now its been horrible after that surgery..a wrong step..
    there is no more that charm on ur face..if its possible, then correct dat mistake of urs..u were really very beautiful before..there was no need for u to do dat dr..

  34. To those who said bad things about Anushka, Are you all in the first place handsome or beautiful? Do you even take a bath or smell good? I bet even if you will have multiple plastic surgeries, you will never ever in your life be as pretty as Anushka…So all the haters, suck it all up and don’t be bitter…stay ugly and smelly guys 🙂

  35. You are looking like a donkey ???
    You are so stuppit women
    Fake face and fake actress ©©©

    Uh hahaaaa…..haaaaa..a!!!!!!!

  36. before i loved her face, she had very very very pretty face, now all its gone
    she was my honey before.
    God always given a best to everyone… god knows everything he gives everyone the which do not harm a person and he will not give which will harm a person in future.. he will make someone rich and someone poor, someone pretty someone ugly, that is how he runs the earth and one who interferes in his cycle he will never forgive..

  37. Tanvir Hossen aap pahele apa chahra aine me dkho….. aap koi nhi hote kissi ko bura hala kahene ki…………………….
    anushka sharma is not like a donkey u r like black donkey……….. pahele khud ko dkho phir dusro ko judgment do ok????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  38. *Superb comment Sadiya Kausarji.
    (aap to kamal ho) !!!

    *But you are false-
    There is a little mistake.

    (meri chahra black nhi, white hay) !

    *I am so sorry “Sadiya Kausar”

  39. i m soooo really sorry Tanvir Hossen mam….. k maine apko bura bhala kaha i m really sorry for that hmko aisa nhi kahena chahiye tha main anushka mam ki bahut badi fan ho issiliye mujhe thoda sa heart hua. shayed apko meri wajah se heart hua hga. plzzz sorry again and waise aap kahan ki rahne wali ho??? aur aap study kar rahi ho kya??? plzzz apko meri taraf se agar heart hua hga to i m really really sorry… agar aapne mujhe maaf kar diya hoga to plzzz issi par mjhe reply zarur karna…. i m waiting for ur reply………. plzzz dnt forget………

  40. she is mad she is totally mad………
    i dnt like her
    and who is sadiya kausar??????
    i think she is big fan of anushka…. and she is awesome……..

  41. She is looking so funny after the surgery I m really feeling sad fr whatever she has done with her beautiful nd cute face

  42. anushka tum bahut lucky ho jo tmhe virat jaise handsome frnd mila
    waise tmhari cute smile k hm crazy fan hai,,,, i love u dude…….

    shayeri for u

    Is Zamane Se Bahut Alag Ho Aap,
    Wo Khush Kismat Hai Jiske Paas Ho Aap,
    Hamare Liye Woh Waqt Hi Haseen Hai,
    Jab Hume Yaad Karke Muskura Lete Ho Aap…..

  43. Anushka u kw wt the people who hate u r only bad so dey say bad abt u so dont even listen 2 bad people words so liv a happy life without bad people arguments i like u how ever u r i love u a lot whwnever some1 says bad abt u na u shld remember me bcz i love u a lot if some1 says bad abt u u shld say them dat monisha loves me dat is enough for me u shld say like dat kkk luv u lot<3<3<3

    • hey tanvir wht happened to yu sadiya scolded yu n she said sorry y??? and even yu said yu r soo sweet y can yu please explain me dear……

  44. anushka before u looking very gorgious but now u r looking damn ugly cheappp yakkkiiii u r just like ugly animals …. i like ur smile on ur face but before …??.n now ur lips r not that much preety it dosen’t suits on ur face u r totaly changed.. according to me u r ugly n cheapest actress in d bollywood……how can u be so stupid n nonsence

  45. Hi! Anushka U r soooo pretty i love u baby plz take care ur face i love it
    plz dnt disturb ur face…………… $Y

  46. hey sadiya and yousuf thanks fr commenting yar the bad people who r saying abt anushka i m feeling hurt yar yu said correct i appeciate yu my dear sadiya and yousuf luv yu…..<3

  47. hey sadiya first yu scolded tanvir soooo bad n suddenly yu said i m sorry mam and even she also scolded yu n after that she is also saying that yu are soo sweet sadiya wht the hell is this i didnt understand can yu pleeeease explain me dear sadiya kausar

  48. plzzz guys anushka ko jb accha nahi bol sakte aap log so plzzz comment b mat kijiye
    mujhe bahot hurt hota hai….

  49. Sadiya Kausar Aap bahut piyaari batien kari ho… ek ek comment sweet di ho aapne
    u r sooo innocent
    i love u babyyyy…. ummmmmmmmmmmahhhhhh………..

  50. She was such a sweet looking lady. Different from other heroines I used to love her smile, it was so radiant. Now after her nose & lip job she looks quite ugly. I have stopped watching her movies.

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