Sunny Leone before and after boob job



For those die-hard fans of Sunny Leone(are there any?) here’s a quote from wiki:

In May 2007, upon re-signing
her contract with Vivid for
another six films, Leone agreed
to perform for the first time
with men on camera, but
exclusively with her fiancé, Matt
Erikson. That summer she
also received breast
augmentation, and shot her
first movie under the new
contract titled Sunny Loves

So at the end of the day, she’s not a natural, sorry guys.


76 thoughts on “Sunny Leone before and after boob job

  1. She’s so ugly. I feel sorry for bollywood!!! Wat happened to the struggling models or actresses? Did they run out in bollywood or is bollywood just stooping so low in casting pornographic stars???????

  2. sunny tm bahut gandi ho aur baht bakwas ho kya tmhre as paise kam hai jo tm itne chhote kapde pahenti ho tm sunny nhi shunny hooooooooooooooo
    yaaaaaaaak aaaaak thuuuuuuuu

    • Shut the fuck up you bastard all of you are hypocritical haters who are jealous!!!! And guess what she doesn’t give 2 shits or a fuck about what you lot say and she’s happily married with her husband so she’s not a whore!! She is a great woman who is independent and strong!! Fuck your hypocritical backward minded morals she was born in Canada which is a free country! She’s Canadian and she’s never spent her whole life in India!! She can do whatever she likes 🙂 stop getting jealous cuz you so wish you were here 🙂

  3. i think sunny tmhare pas kapdo ka shottagge h jo tm itne kam kapde pahenti ho,,,,,,,,,,,,bechari she is very poor ………ohhhh so sad

  4. sunny tm bahut bahut bahut bakwassssssss ho smjini na tm ko to dkh kar vomating ati h
    akkkkkkkkkkk thuuuuuuuuuuu……………

    • Shut the fuck up she’s a pornstar and this is her work it’s an industry and she’s married with a husband she also has a degree don’t fucking hate you cunt obviously she can’t wear proper clothes from the profession she works from lol you’re dumb stop judging people on the internet when you need to look at yourself you penchoud piss off and fuck off!!!!

    • Sunny is good looking but not extremely good looking…there are many actresses better looking than her with better bodies..we are jealous of katrina kaif because its better to be jealous on the best

  5. wow sunny u r great i think u r so





    ha ha ha ha ha


  6. ewwwwwwwwwwww kya kar rhi ho sunny
    kpde nhi h to friday ko mere ghar ajana car bhej dongi….. aur old kapde mere le lena ok? achhhhhi lago gi i m right na?

  7. dont abuse her, heroines also go in bed first then being casted in movies, but its not revealed in public, and in reverse sunny is a cheap beauty in public, actually all are alike , whether sunny, katrina, priyanka or kareena or deepika. all are heroines cum prosti….!

  8. U guys r so dirty its luk like ur geolousing on her first luk urself then try to abuse her if u bludy u’ll try dirty words and i thnk u all so ugli person
    bitch donkeyfuckers samj me aaina bat sale

  9. U guys r gelous on her first luk uourself and then try to abuse her itne hi kapde hai to garibon ko dan kr na usk piche kyoun pdi hai
    teri to usk samne khadi rehni ki aukat b nahi hogi. i think u should learn language and respect
    tu to itni ugly hogi ki aaina bhi tujhse darta hoga u bitch samjhi na aur tu shahane tu b samj ja nhi to bina sabun ki teri secret part dhounga aisi dhounga ki pishab krne layk nahi rhega

    • why r u blaming that girl?she is right.i know u r supporting sunny because she gives u lots of happiness..haha…but i dont think any girl on earth however ugly she is would be jealous of sunny…watch her 2014 pune party pics & if u have brain & respect for yourself & women u will understand kiski kya aukaat hai..u know what i mean

  10. Sunny,u r so cute and beauty.but u don’t acting like’s very bad ya !

  11. m tumhara bahut bada fan sunny jee ilove you

    9899370802 my mobile no plz ek baàr zarur baat kare.tumhe kasam h danel wieber ki

  12. Please, stop your pron act baaby.
    If you didn’t stop this acting :
    _ I will Rep you !
    do you understand what I am say?
    (Becearful) pretty women kiuki-

    Matt, Potti or Tanvir Hossen …………… asaktehay.

  13. you people complaining are all gay! and wish she was your girlfriend. lol… what pathetic losers you all are. complaining and whining about her. SHE’S THE SEXIST INDIAN. I HAVE EVER SEEN THAT AND MY BEST FRIENDS WIFE. peace out!

  14. i am a big fan of sunny’s boob and pron.but i am not fan of sunny.i think,at first she spend night with her father,boy cousin and her boy relatives.then she come in bolly-wood.i also suggust her that she will over in 2018 like other pron stars.

  15. are kamino kuttu ek nmbr k awaron ladies ki izzt karna sikho warna life me kbhi age nhi bad paoge….. understand…

  16. give a break and get a life motherfuckers .. she a pornstar not an indian house wife .. she needs to do all these things to lead her life .. so all you haters do shut your faggot mouths up ..

  17. Fuck all you’re just jealous that you’re not her LOL by the way she’s happily married to her husband and she’s rich and she doesn’t give a damn about what you have to say and oh she was born in Canada you fools!!!!! Kuthey penchouds!!!! It’s a free country you dickheads!!!! She can wear whatever the fuck she likes!!!!! She’s a grown ass woman!!

  18. saali raand ab apne husband ko famous hone ke liye divorce de rahi hia, taa ki sunny ka swayambar banaya ja sake..bitch

  19. i m a muslim i feel proud on my self and on my region
    dusaro ko apna ap dikhana apky mazhaab ma kamaaal ki baat hy wao

  20. shez rich and she wants every guy to jerk off her pics so she did this instead of using money correctly.and the hus doesnt mind eating an almost over dish so hats off to open mindedness if u think this is it.this is beauty guys..fuck those with inner beauty who use money correctly nah??

  21. ye sunny leone randi sali chudti h canada me.. ab india me bollywood me kya loda lene aai h.. vhi kyon na rhti saali.. india ka nam kharab kr dia puri duniya me.. raand saali..

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