Shruti Hassan Shocking Before After Plastic Surgery Pictures

shockin We’ve all seen countless cases of bad plastic surgery, but the good cosmetic procedures are much harder to spot. Celebrities are also reluctant to admit that they’re not naturally as gorgeous as they appear, so proving that they had work done is sometimes impossible to do.

Shruti Hassan was always beautiful, but her nose job (not to mention a good eye brow waxing!) refined her look and made her even more stunning.


shruti hassan young

shruti hassan before surgery


shruti hassan fat






She is an example of good plastic surgery.


Is this real beauty or just plastic?

126 thoughts on “Shruti Hassan Shocking Before After Plastic Surgery Pictures

  1. these BEFORE photos were taken when she was a teenager …she only had Rhinoplasty like shilpa shetty .priyanka chopra and others.

    • I liked shamini’s comment bcz we should not bother wt others say wt we like we have rights to judge or comment abt our life no 1 has right nt even god shruti if luk good or bad u kw hw u r so be gud good shamini i liked ur comment

  2. Dont listen to others stupid comments . U know wat u r doing . U r beautifull now other than before . I think u r really a great loss to heavens to miss such a beautifull . Lov u

  3. Dont listen to others stupid comments . U know wat u r doing . U r beautifull now other than before . I think u r really a great loss to heavens to miss such a beautifull . Lov u . I ‘m sure u ‘ll rise a lot becoz u r really an angel fallen from heaven . Congratulation for ur coming successes

    • Don’t. say others. look. alike senapandi.She looks alike beautiful. Girl. I LOVE YOU SHURTHI BABY.if u see this message. Please. Reply tooooooooooo meeeeeeeee.



  6. Dont heed to all these negative opinions or comments or whatever. Believe in yourself and what you do. Be yourself. Whatever u r, how ever u r you r always my dream girl and my queen. I love u and thamanna a lot, but i love u the most because ur my queen. All the best.

  7. It’s her wish doing a plastic surgery.Ppl who posts negative comment are really jealous because they cant afford so much money to correct their odd face or something like nose hands etc 🙂 Plastic surgery is just a correction of her nose .

  8. shruti is a multi talent person… to.other herion’s
    but she must improve her acting….,
    and after suggery….her face look…. very much nice…gud….

  9. i luv u shruti……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  10. OMG…you’re just looking terrible ..infact you looked awesome in luck that what was the need of surgery :p

  11. She had a nose job, lost weight, and changed her hairstyle. Her daddy did not buy her a whole new face. The before photos are from when she was a teenager, her face is a lot chubbier then.

  12. hi! shruti hasan u r so so so so beutyful….. u looking cute and beauty in ur new movie “ramaiya vastavaiya”…… and ur nose is very beautyful… and ur smile is very cute tm duniya ki sab se khubsurat ldkiho aisa mera khayal hai………… plz plz plz plz plz apna khayal rakhna……….. take care and all the best for ur new movie

  13. the beauiti is not epoten for artis . the artis just need super act talent only . and shruti has a good talent . she not only have act talent she have sing talent, dance and she is good sorry BEST music composer . she is always BEST and her father is rich but he is a good man .

  14. hi! shruti i m sadiya i m a big fan of u and i like u and ur face cute smile and ur acting u r looking so beutifull dear apni khubsurti ko aise hi barkarar rkhna………. gooooood bye…………………………………

  15. beauty lies not beneath their appearance but byond..plastic surgery is people choice..wat is important is her achievements..hats off shruti

  16. Ugly…! but cute.
    Our life is “ABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM”
    When it ends “NA TUM JANO NA HUM”.

    So, in life do always “MASTI”.
    If you need a real friend “MAIN HOON NA”

    Choose your life partner and say-

    ‘Tanvir Hossen’
    From : (“BANGLADESH”)

  17. Ugly…! but cute.
    Our life is “KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM”
    When it ends “NA TUM JANO NA HUM”.

    So, in life do always “MASTI”.
    If you need a real friend “MAIN HOON NA”

    Choose your life partner and say-

    ‘Tanvir Hossen’
    From : (“BANGLADESH”)

  18. I like shruti hassan, before nd after she looks very beautiful i love her very much, even i also have daughter but i love her nd my daughter. Love u shruti.

  19. the only gift from god is our body . it is our duty to keep our body fit,attractive,beautiful. i wont forget you in my life.because you are such beautiful.

  20. Shruthiiiiiii…i love uuuuu soooooooooo muchh..u r so beautiful..perfect in all means.. and the way u act is really fabulous…extra ordinary acting..u r gifted..sooooo talented.. and u have killing looks..ur eyes are very expressive..ur rhinoplasty were 100% success..u r vry lucky..

  21. Most of the plastic surgeries went on to become a big disastrous..and people bcome worse than your’s were perfect!!!! Now u have got a nose that suits ur beautiful face!! It was that nose which was a barrier to ur carrier..ufff now..u have got the most beautiful nose among all the actresses now!!!

  22. Plastic surgeries can bring about slight changes in a tremendous change like thus..unbelievable!!! And i know that u lost weight which made u more beautiful!! Anyways a huge fan of urs and do roles like that in 3..that kind of roles suits u best..and never go for vulgarous glamr roles.

  23. Anushka sharma shud consulted u before and got her surgery done from ur doctor. ….as ur surgery made u look prettier and hers ……heeeeeee…..u know wot I mean

  24. Aise to koi bhi heroine ban jaayega apns thobde ko theek karaake natural beauty nhi h shruti artifjcial aur dher saara makeup laga leti h kisne heroine banaya ise

  25. Before or after in both phase u r beautiful, my personal opinion u shouldn’t have to go through rhinoplasty………
    But u looked more awesome before, now u look like a mannenquin/ artificial faced dummy…….
    Whatsoever m still ur fan

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