Preity Zinta’s Sexy New Look at Cannes

Preity Zinta is at the Cannes Film Festival as brand ambassador of Chopard, the maker of luxury watches and jewellery. For two years Preity has been the brand ambassador for Chopard and has to be at Cannes every year.


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31 thoughts on “Preity Zinta’s Sexy New Look at Cannes

  1. like always preity luk preety….at all da tym…..
    this tyme she is lukg sexy in cool blue…..she is js da best n her luks her gorgeous.

  2. there is no 1 like preity zinta she has so good dimples she is so beautiful i love u
    will u marry me preity zinta?

  3. Good looking, but i dont know why indian women changing their dress code to western style,
    its entirely different from old and past-hopes, i just want to highlight what i said…..

    but she is looking good (really)

  4. Women can choose how they want to look, what they want to wear. What’s so ‘authentically’ Indian about a sari anyway? The tribals don’t wear saris, different communities have different costumes, and if urban 0r just any kind of women want to wear a kimono or a dress or a shawl or trousers to an event … its their choice!! They don’t have to show case what some people imagine is Indian, whether in high design or a traditional sari.

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