Soha Ali Khan is the sexy cover girl for Maxim

sexy soha ali khan

Soha Ali Khan sheds her simple, next door girl image and shoots for the May issue of Maxim.

Maxim is a popular fashion magazine and well known Bollywood actors like Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora Khan, Mallika Shrewat, Sherlyn Chopra, Shilpa Shetty have posed for it.

cute sohaSoha has starred in some good Bollywood movies but has failed to leave a long lasting impression in one’s mind. May be by posing in sizzling skimpy outfits, sweet little Soha wants to reveal the hot side of her.

Pictures from Maxim:

maxim cover

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110 thoughts on “Soha Ali Khan is the sexy cover girl for Maxim

  1. hello madam, actually its ur personnel choice but I really think u r not suppose to expose your body like this its actually god gift to you but u are not suppose to gift it to others in terms of images and cover pages and all.

  2. hi soha that it is nice there is nothing wrong or vulgar in this picture u look sexy in this photo shoot great going girl keep it up really nice body shape you have this glamorous image can change ur movie carrerr

  3. Hey Soha, you were looking very nice in good cloths only.. now there is no difference in you and a pro… you are showing your full body and every one is enjoying you in their dreams.. your Dad, Mom and brth should be blamed…

  4. soha u r looking stunning in this drees, before this exposre i thought u have a plain body but u show ur nice curves in this magazine. so now i think that ur comfortable for fucking instead of rubbing the bones

  5. u knw wat gal u rock in dis pic she always luked damn boring n i nvr liked her b4 but nw i think u luk amazingggggg
    hey all u moroons out there i m a gal as well! n i thnk its time 4 her to cum outta her shell its not gnna do her any gud is it >

  6. It still very little exposition of her figure. If she is looking forward to achieve a high position in the Showbiz, she must come forward with more bold photo sessions and video clips in order to attract offers from film-makers, producers etc. Some may complain that she, as a Muslim, should not do such shots. But my reply for them is that she has not come out of her home in order to join religious capaings and preach religion of Islam. In my opinion she and any other non-muslim actress at Bollywood bear the same rank and status. She should not be compared with other Muslim ladies who are very sensitive with their religion and self esteem and never dare to do such task. She looks sexy and wish she throw away some more of her dress.


  7. hey soha
    let me tell u one thing u really looked cute and nice in ur previous dress up
    these dresses dont really suit u
    i think u are really nice and decent girl who does not like exposure
    exposure cant really make anyone a successful actress i wish u should return back in ur nice clothing remember u r a muslim girl u should be really concerned about ur self esteem

  8. pls dont do this again its not ur image u r diffrent like others when i see u i want to give respect u r so beautiful .

  9. N all those people who r talking bout her being a “muslim girl”,well,Pious Muslims DO NOT enter such a demeaning profession-ACTING. n that applies to men too.

  10. plz soha dont do more like that b coz ur cute and handsome.u look better then that u have done in full serious dont do this ————love u and wish u best

  11. oh what a bad thing u done soha.u r not suppose to be called soha ali khan b coz Khan,s are not like u.Khan,s families are very charming well dressed(full dressed) and that u did u should be called soha desouza are something else.Dont use khan word in ur name, u must be punished for this.Go TO Hell.U R LOOKING LIKE A PRASTITUTE.

  12. hi soha i mis you soha you are my best actress please give me your phone no i talk to you saif is also my best actor i am waiting for your messege and i am a singer like kumar sano

  13. please soha my love donot use sexy dress but you look beautiful and smart in simple dress pppppppppppppppp

  14. Okay for one… that is not ‘shedding clothes’ … if she were to pose naked, then we can talk about shedding clothes. -sigh-

    Secondly, I don’t like her. Period. I didn’t like her as an innocent girl and I dont like her as a sexy girl. She’s kinda ugly. =/

  15. oh soha
    i like u so much.ur brest looking so good like everest mountain. ur body is so clean like butter. i want to spend some time with u, do u agree?

  16. its matter of a shame that a muslim is posing in such a sexy way as its not in any way allowed in islam, however i am wonder that how her parents and brother is facing it

    anywayz i lOVE YOU SOHA ali KHAN iz like hello i look like you WALLAH I DOO I SWEAR EVERYONE SAYS I LOOK LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Im quite surprised that soha has done this , as shes a muslim. And muslims are nt allowed to expose themselves like that. But i have to say she looks stunning, but I wouldent recomend her carrying on like this.

  19. to soha ali khan
    you must know that maxim is a zeonist magazine
    zeonist are the enemy for islam
    so how can you do this photo shots
    while name your self as a muslim

  20. Mr auditor ,
    U R Jahanami ,u don’t know what u peoples r doing with girls of my india .when u peoples will go in front of ALLAH PAK then only u peoples will remmember me .stop this bed thing otherwise jahanman is waiting for u peoples except soha .u peoples r supporting to devil he is ur close friend .But soha is good girl and i know she will definetly come back with previous image and she will work for whole comunity of india .
    Dear soha,
    what u can become u don’t know ,but i know…. meet me i will tell u about ur position in front of ALLLAH PAK.don’t show ur body in front of any one becoz it is a big gunah …..i will pray for u don’t mind it i know u what u will be in future .

  21. hello soha i love u so much miss u plz soha dnt wear tht types of clothes .i like vvvvvvvvvvv much.plz send me mbl number.

  22. hiii soha.actually its ur prsnl choice .but let me tell u,ur face is so gracefull dat it portrays all the felings be it sexuality or innocense.u really dont neeed to shed clothes for any such attempts.

  23. hi soha .plz note dat u’ve got such a gracefull face dat portrays all d emotions succesfully be it ..sexuality or innocence or romance.u really dont need to expose for showing any side of ur personality.

  24. i never gave a second look to soha earlier., damn., she is curveous, lots of oomph., man she can kill if she brings some more attitude alongside boldness…,
    cheeeeers Soha., way to go….

  25. you looking very sweet but not in this dress. you looking sweet only normal dress. dont put on any porny dress soha. I know you keep my word. pls mailing me at and keep in touch 09903689361.
    keep smilling for ever.
    and proud be a Bangali.
    God bless you……………..!

  26. soha u r so beutifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    i L u

  27. i thnk soha shld remove those 2 peices as well..ull luk so good without ne clothes……we want 2 see u full nangi pungi…sabko tere boche dekhne hai….tere dudh pe haath rakh ke peeche se tere boche mein mera lund dalna hai……main tere boche pure raat bhar chodunga.

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  29. assalam o aliakum soha……..thts vry bad,plz dont do this..if u r a muslim so dont wear short clothes..u r looking so bad n whn u r wearing long clothes u r looking soooooooo beautiful really…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me ur id my is is : mano.frnds…ap ko allah ke kasam hai soha muje add kr lo….

  30. salam everyone..i love u soo much soha ali ji bt in full n decent clothes..u r very nice soo plzzz aiseyy dresses mat pehnooo plzz soha agr ap muslim hoo toooo kuch to khayal karoooo apny fans ka….plzzzzzz soha ji u know wht sb mujhyy kehtyy hein ke me bilkl ap jaise hon sachiiiiii me….plzzzzz u r sooooooo cute n lovely bss dressess ful pehnaa karoo sweety plz ji

  31. Hi Soha, how r u? how are your parents? Please give my saalam to them. I’m Joe from Bangladesh, n a business man. By da way, I want 2 say, please go to ur own destination, but dat way is not easy, cause sometimes dat way will be hard, but dont afraid. Always remember please, maybe everyone will comments about u n ur life, but dont be afraid. Plz go to ur destination, n oneday you will be top. I always respect u n ur freedom, Soha. Thanks n always take care.

  32. Afghans are being killed but she happily spends her life .she is a muslim but doesnt care for other muslim brothers and sisters .muslims are not extremists but politically it accused us.

  33. hello soha jaan i hope u r fine with u r nice family jaanam mai ap ko bahot missing karta hu asli k ap ki shakal bolkol mara gf jasa hai jaan aj wo mari sath nah hai jaan or jab sa mai ap ko deka hai hasa laga ta hai k mari jaan arah hai jaan mari ki naam hai nadia khan ooooooooooooooooooooo and i love you soha ali khan i love you very very very much jaanam have nice day jaanam love u agin

    • and it is my number jaanm iam liveing in pakistan and plz 1 time talking with me plzzzzzzzzzz janam love u and my id this one and my number is 0092-3349897272


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