Sexy pictures of Sreesanth with his girlfriend

May be she is his girlfriend, may be these are just some promo pictures for his Tollywood movie or may be just another publicity stunt by Sreesanth…

source: Mathrubhumi

The woman in the photos is Tamil actress Lakshmi Roy

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149 thoughts on “Sexy pictures of Sreesanth with his girlfriend

  1. hai am a great fan of sree. but after seeing this am totally surprised he only got this girl out of so many.u call these pics sexy i call it vulgor. he shud be gettin a gud beautiful and better lady than this becoz am a malayalee and i care 4 malayalees

  2. shree ur good guy,dont do like this cos she not suits u ok darling m there naa so………..dont do publicity……
    laxmi is not good girl rubbish……………

  3. laxmi this is not fair,ur doing very bad u r not the girl who can care
    shree is very cute plzzzzz shree leave this girl,u’ll get beautiful girl ok darling miss u……………

  4. u nasty female how could u ever do so i hate u so much as ur making me jealose ur hurting my feelings but now its all right but please dont do it next time as i will fell u r taking him away from my heart………………..

  5. u stupid laxmi…………rotten eggs and tomatoes on ur face……. leave sree coz v are waiting for him sree she is not good for u v never thougt u wiill have such a bad taste

  6. Dont go with this woman Sree..concentrate more on your games!!
    Give your best shot always..!
    This woman is a whore!!!! she goes with every tom,dick and harry!!
    You are a great Malayalee guy ..get a homely mallu chick!

  7. aye sree fans don’t worry.i got the details of is only a photo session of ‘Mathrubhumi Yatra’.No Relations

  8. am huge fan of sree.who’s this laxmi stupid girl leave sree alone i hope its only a shoot.deepika suits him better

  9. hey dude!u such a cute guy and u can get e a better girl…. she is not looking gud wid u……u r a handsome guy and do find sumone who looks as sweet as u…….. 🙂

  10. WTF…the monkey got a flower? please someone save the flower from that monkey..i love flowers..i love nature…all you animal-loving girls are welcome to take him away to zoo or your homes…

  11. hey sree i am a great fan of u i know that u’r not love with lakhshmi rai i will not believe with that bcoz i know that had taken for asome newspapers had recommended u and her 4photos i know u r a good sree i am a great fanof u plssss contact me

  12. sree i luv uuuuuuuu if it is true leave her u r looking so smart but she is not u r not looking as nice pair i luv u my sweet heart

  13. u guys are…freakin pathetic! its not like sree is gonna come marry u gals out there..leave the man alone..let him date whomever he likes..u lot are a bunch of fools……

  14. sree i know ur hansome, i like u very much i have more than 250 photos of u .i can’t able to say that how i like u if ur near me i can’t able to see ur face i will just disappear because i like u that much. ur loving laxmi that’s ur wish u like her and ur family like her don’t think about any one.let them to say any think.if i get a chance to see u that’s my real luck.

  15. guys, sreesanth is a cricketer n hope you all (and he himself) are more bothered abt cricket than anything else. and the girl is not all that bad. and if you think being with him is great then atleast shes good enough to be with him which ‘you people’ (the girls who hav commented above) are not!!

  16. Sree i like you more i am always thinking of you please don’T do this again i love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much

  17. that should be only a photo shoot…….
    sree dhundne wale to bhagwan bhi dhund lete hain to girl friend kya cheez hai….mile ge aik din……
    main dhund dunge lakin ye nahin yar,…yeh to tumhare behan hai yar

  18. This monkey couldn’t get any other better girl, see his nose god damn she is xtremly good, if that girl read’s this please forgive those illetirate goose who praise sreesanth

    • You are the one who is illiterate who disgraded Sreesanth

      Don’t do these again B’coze he is the only person who has very well character in a Cricket team. He is a God Fearing person anybody can speak nonsense about him but god protect him.

      Pls don’t pass such a commet on him.
      —— BHAGYA

  19. It wasn’t so sexy as it would have been with me .I really like u more than anyone else .I am not one of those crazy and envious fans.I just simply love whatever u do.Sree u so gud looking and….
    Now u must impress ur fans by playing some good cricket rather than doing all this .This is not a suggestion but an order from someone who really loves u . More than anything.

  20. hey sree i’m a great fan of ur’s i never seen a criketer wit great talet u r a multi talented man u rocks i have to say dat u r voice sounds good ,take care have a great life

  21. sreeeeeeeeeeeeeee im a huge fan f yourz……..!
    luvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuu a lottttttttttt………….
    she aint gud 4 u

  22. I trust u sreesanth .u are my idol.and i know that u know well wat r u doing. u cant imagine wat i hav got since the day i fell in ……..with u.i pray u get success in every step.

  23. hi sree.u r so so soooooooo shweeeeeeet
    i like u very muchhhhh…..
    when u wear specs u look ahhh stuning yaarr
    i m jealous frm this girl
    she is nt of ur type
    yet i m too young for u
    dekho vo kaise tumahre sath chipki hui hai
    bt see for a nice one
    good luk
    hope u will b back soon in cricket

  24. good tatoo yaar……….

  25. Eda Sreesante Ninan Ninte Ahankaram Kurachu koode
    Malayalikale Nattikkan Eragikolum
    Enthokkeyayirunnu Song Dance Ellam Pyi Pavm Aghanathanne Venam \

  26. this girl is not nice. after marriage she will run away
    with other person rich in personality ,dance well than you
    so beter choose african so that she will be with you

    i am your well wisher

  27. hey sreee santh ure just my dude but i wont let u get ruined yarrr u know that we r frds but plz leave that bullshitt lakshmi she dosent suit uu leave her and get urself a perfect match and save u from her kkk naaaa

  28. Hai Sree These is Soubhagya To say Laxmi won’t match You Search for a girl who understant your feeling. She is ment for. Marry a girl who is too crazy about your character not on money ok ……

    All the best

  29. sree, i just cant believe this
    what happend to u?
    any way my love was trueeeeeee with u daaaaaa
    im gonna suicide for u

    ha ha ha ennu nan parayillaaaaaa moneeeeee

  30. αmizαdε mααis vεrdααdεirα ♥

    Minhα BEST³

    αmigα iguαℓ α você? NÃO tεm…

    αmizαdε iguαℓ α suα não sε εncontrα εm quαℓquεr εsquinα…

    ρorquε você é SUPER εsρεciαℓ!

    Sεi quε nαdα é ραrα sεmρrε… mαs nossα αmizαdε sim.. ρois é
    sεm εxρℓicαçõεs!

    Você é εssεnciαℓ nα minhα vidα!

    ♥ [grey]__♥Oi!






































    __________♥não se













  31. hey!!!hi….
    my only comment is this tht concentrate only ur proffesion,balance both…if u r intrstd in films….!bcz if u only conc. on ur proffsn thn only u l hav a good life…….!bye

  32. hi! sree
    i know ur girl freind is only cricket & u will come back in team & remember one thing that REENA loves u like crazy……….

  33. anta gopuettananannu parayan anikyu nanam avunnu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gopuetta, venda ithu pls 4 our family,u leane this ok

  34. sree yetta…i’m a grt fan as well as ur sister yetta…y yetta……..this girl is not at all matching 4 u……..plz select a malayale girl yetta

  35. ladki ko chodo cricket par dhyan do. Indian cricket team ko teri jarurat hai. ladki ko chodo chodo chodo aur cricket ko pyar karo.

  36. Hai Sreeyetta,plz dont mind says that angaye tirichu teamileku vilikum within a few days and U can play atleast 1 game in this world cup okay ALL THE BEST!

  37. sree shanth iam your bigest fan ilike your balling
    you have nice friend i think she is nice . I like her flim ,you know she is not malayali do like her very
    much i THINK yes when you balling

  38. hey,hi!How a third class choice of u!she is so yuk!!I m very tensed abt ur behaviour.Just leave that stpd girl.U r d cutest player in team india and that girl yak!i m perfect 4 u.Miss u lot sweetheart.Take care.Concentrate on a work and main thing leave that stpd girl.


  40. hey dis is so disgustin yar i tnk its a vry vry old photos.n sreee i jst luv u i nly wana say u is dat……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………do u wan sch rubbishhhhhh yuk:-(.jst cnctrte on ur prfsn fst n stp gtin angry fr sly tngs k darlin as a true fan im tlin u gt a mr swt gal laxmi k plz bcz i dnt wan u 2 sfr in future k plz plz pl z plz plz alr8 luv u lot tk cr umahhhhhh

    • how lucky you are to be his cousins dear shruty & manu. i already knew about you while reading a book . there was an interview with sree . he has mentioned you both

  41. machi.,,,This pappa is not correct match 4 u..Dont fall in love……..
    concentrate only on ur cricket mathches. Always TAKE CARE ABOUT U.DONT speak with this girl friend. this is the indian citizen order.

  42. hey sree,
    wht u r doing man? U r with a vampire. Leave her. She is not fr u.
    U get much more beatuiful n pretty girl than her. Just leave her n concentrate
    on ur games. Today u r famous fr ur game nt fr that girl. If u dnt concentrate
    on ur game n play worsly then no one likes u………. .
    Please leave her dud………………..
    I m also ur fan……….

  43. sree youy are a very handsome and lakshmi is very beautiful.sree yaar aapko team ki jarurat hai jaldi se fit hokar team me aa jao.beacause baki ke sare bowler bekar hai.

  44. is this plausible that this nasal-inflated primate had sucha catch!! funny!! anyway..if he is loyal and’s gud fr bth..:)

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