Hindu activists, women groups to protest against IPL Royal Challengers’ cheerleaders


A large number of Hindu activists and several women groups are planning to stage a protest against cheerleaders of the Indian Premier League’s Bangalore team Royal Challengers, as they believe their act damages Indian culture and tradition.

The 12-member squad has been recruited to add a dash of glamour to the Royal Challengers. Cheerleaders of the American football team have trained them.

Royal Challengers CEO Charu Sharma said the squad’s “accoutrements and clothing will be in line with professional American cheerleading troupes,” that generally comprises of mini-skirts, push-up bras and midriff-revealing vests.

“It is completely alien to our culture to have young skimpily clad Indian girls sporting pompoms on their derrieres dancing around furiously,” The Telegraph quoted Bangalore resident Roshin Varghese, as saying.

In Punjab, however, people are less critical about the idea of cheerleaders.

“It will be pleasing to watch the cheerleaders in all their glory,” said dentist Gurpreet Singh, adding, “They will add colour and impudence to the game.”


Now Thackeray targets cheerleaders

28 thoughts on “Hindu activists, women groups to protest against IPL Royal Challengers’ cheerleaders

  1. “Hindu activists, women groups to protest…” No surprise there. Ugly people will always complain but in private they enjoy watching beautify as much as anyone!

    If they don’t want to look no one is forcing them but why spoil the fun for anyone else. Violence is worse for society than looking at the human body but that doesn’t stop the idots from burning effigies and the like. Get over it stone age people! Stop violence, religious intolerance, diseases, etc before worrying about cheerleaders!

  2. typical response.. as usual not because they care but because they want the publicity.. have you seen an average bollywood movie.. or worse a south indian movie?? on the mid rif and push up[ bra scale we out do the cheerleaders any day… the “activists” should shut up, grow up.. and perhaps get a hobby.

  3. Vulgar is when you believe you can violate the other person. I hardly think so about beautiful people performing . Its these protestors who need to get their minds & attitudes checked. Also, its when you make such a thing an issue when people (who never thought in such a way) start getting kinkier – because they connect with the dark thoughts that run in the protestors mind.

    The body would not be vulgar in people’s mind if they had the culture to respect every other individual – dressed or not. And not be xenophobic. And that would be Indian culture.

    But as mentioned above, no surprise. This is expected.

  4. Gee, I guess CARS too are westernized. They came from the West, didn’t they? Maybe these people need to walk to work from tomorrow, lol.

    Hang on a sec, caps are westernized too, and so are undies and glares and shaving creams and razors and mobiles and telephones and internet…. heck, even the press came from Britain. As for the women groups, well even their MOST BASIC NECESSITY – “make-up sets”, came into India from the west. I’d be interested to see how these stone-age people do without all this, esp. women without make-up. ROFL.

    The girls that seem to be causing so much “outrage” are not even half as hot as girls in the NFL.

    These people would get a heart attack if they watched an NFL game

  5. The protesters are stupid. Indians produce the maximum number of children per year, they don’t have any problem with that. But they can’t bear beauty exposure. The cheerleaders are additional attraction of IPL.

    These are mere political gimmicks to obtain cheap publicity.

  6. To all of these people who are objecting to the propest of cultural true indian citizens against the APING OF AMERICA ,that these are the same people who have banned the Bar girls ,so ypu all mean to say that nakedness of girls in public is fine ,but totally stupid if a person willingly goes to a closed place to have the same look . All of these are the proof of the victory of LORD McCAULEY ‘s declaration ,’Replace India’s education ,culture such that they lose their self esteem and think that all what is foreign is Good and Greater,so that they will become what we want them to be” which exactly is true,Vulgur or not Question is what cheer leaders have to do with the game ,CRICKET needs players and THEEEEEEE most enthusiast spectators ,which Indian public IS>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. You american idiots clearly don’t have any cultural respect, otherwise you would understand. In India, teenage girls are not like americans (drunk at 12, knocked up at 14).

    Cars came from the west? Check where your car was built. Even “american” companies like jaguar and land rover are being taken over by Hindu-owned organisations.

    Oh, and large families? Maybe because some babies don’t survive longer than a year. Unlike you inbred american hillbillies.


  8. Tch, such open-minded people here…

    So admirers of beautiful people and “cultured” Indians – I suppose you will encourage your girlfriends/wives/sisters/daughters to put on skimpy bikinis and prance around before millions of ogling/lustful eyes?

    With Bollywood stars, at least the bar to entry is a little higher. With cheer-leading, any girl can do it. As one cricket fan admitted, he hardly watched the game that day!

  9. Some of the posts make me laugh. To Hindu Fanatic, your argument falls on its face because surely your issue is with those with the ‘ogling/lustful eyes’ (I take it you’re speaking from experience?) If that’s such a concern, maybe we should ban Miss Universe and have everyone in Bollywood films wear a sack. I’ll think you’ll find they all fairly athletic (which is more than I can say for some of our so-called bollywood stars). As for Ram and his American generalisations, get a grip. There’s no need for that and I’m sure if you ever leave the village and use two eyes instead of one, you’ll see we have just as many issues to deal with ourselves.

  10. Mukesh, are you saying that such wanton exposure of flesh (yes, be it on the cricket field, on a stage, or in a movie) is not expected to have any impact?? If that’s your personal experience, then you’re either not human or are in denial about basic human nature.

    Does being athletic mean you have to be near naked too? Athleticism is not the issue – stop ducking! If you wouldn’t want your near and dear ones to exhibit flesh like this, surely it shouldn’t be so hard to understand the protest?

    Don’t tell me “nobody is forcing you to watch”. As it is, the selection of movies that you can take your kids to is very limited. At least cricket was relatively “safe” – until now. The choice for decent people is increasingly being limited for commercial reasons.

    And just because we have “as many issues to deal with ourselves”, does it make any sense to you to add yet another one?? Why accelerate the downward spiral?

  11. Yes, attractive ladies wearing less than normal will always get attention and let’s be honest here, we’re as guilty as the next guy. But so what??? I don’t have a problem with this. Just because I’m looking doesn’t mean I’m lusting, and it doesn’t mean I’ll go out and commit some heinous crime or treat my wife/girlfriend/partner etc with any less respect. This is absolute nonsense and if it isn’t, show me a country where a direct correlation has been made between the level of girls they have on show and their social problems. As for the kids, while I agree there are some things they shouldn’t be exposed to, I don’t think what these girls are doing or how they’re dressed will pollute their minds. In fact, it may even inspire some of our kids to be more healthy and active or give dancing a go. They’re certainly not encouraging anyone to use guns, beat people up, get drunk or do drugs, unlike some movies. If we expect our kids to grow up, travel abroad and integrate with other societies, exposing them to what is fairly common place elsewhere isn’t such a bad thing.

    I think we need to keep this in perspective. India in my opinion is simply playing much needed catch-up with the rest of the world in terms of more liberal views. Two generations ago, this was unthinkable. Two generations from now, they’ll look back at this conversation, laugh and think what a bunch of retards. This isn’t a downward spiral, we just need to embrace change.

  12. Ok, my last try:

    Surely you have heard of the drunken and riotous crowds in Europe around football games? Now reflect for a minute what the game has to do with drinking, drugs and voilence? How come the atmosphere around the game seems to incite such rowdiness?

    Comparing cheer-leading (of the Western variety) to crimes like drunkeness, drugs, and violence is classic. Ask a drunk or drug-addict, he’ll tell you at least he’s not killing others! Ask a murderer and he’ll tell you at least he’s not a serial killer! There’s always something worse. Question is: should we compare with the lowest scum to justify something? Nobody will object to cheer-leading if they dressed up. Be honest, what kind of message is their dress conveying?

    While we should embrace change – it shouldn’t be a blind embrace!! Not everything different/new is desirable! This is so self-evident…

    On the desire to “catch up” with the rest of the world. Keep in mind that a growing number of people in the Western world are subscribing to the wisdom in our heritage. It may not be so apparent right now, but the strong undercurrents are perceptible to anyone who cares to pay attention.

  13. Well Hindu Fanatic, nice try but I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this. You pose the question “what message is their dress conveying?” and the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t see the same message that yourself and others seem to be getting. You may say “well just read the posts” but there’s nothing I’ve read that holds any substance. It almost feels like its bad because some politician said so.

    In an attempt to draw my own conclusions about why people think this is bad, I’ve made the linkage to possible social problems but your response above has just confirmed that I’m being ridiculous and grasping at straws. So here I am, still none the wiser as to why this is a problem. Clearly you live life by some good principles. And I agree that the western world is learning from India and has been for a long time (it’s a two way street). But I just fail to see how these girls can be seen in a negative light. Hari above sums it up well I think: we are a bunch of xenophobes who don’t know how to respect or appreciate others (IMHO).

  14. I think it’s pretty obvious what a bunch of introverted hypocrites you Indians are. Double standards all the way. Culture? Yes – thousands of years ago, not any more. Sorry friends but its true.

  15. I think you bunch are giving the cheerleaders too much credit. I don’t think cheerleaders dancing around in tights (I’ve seen much worse in recent bollywood music videos!) can corrupt anyone. That’s like saying, ‘that woman deserved to get raped because she was dressed in provocative clothing. It’s a very superficial thing, people enjoy looking at what is beautiful. They are on a stage, far away.

    Enough of the ethnic bashing. I think we should all be a little tolerant of each other.

    Let’s all sit back and enjoy the girls and the cricket, 2 of Gods great pleasures in life.

  16. why dont our` respected` leaders try to resolve grievous and crucial issues like inflation,corruption at every level, communal violence,dirth of food, bad roads, embezzlement of taxpayers money, pollution etc instead of trying to ban cheerleaders????????????
    this practice of trying to gain cheap publicity by taking such easy and hypocritical ways should be immediately stopped.
    i will not be surprised if someone publish a jargon that all girls in india have to wear a `BURKHA` just like the taliban way not considering the fact that crime against women are on the rise at every level.

  17. Why dont these people ban these cheerleaders!! Its not who we are!!! They have these things in the west and look at the state of thier community!! RAPING…CRIME…GAY…SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES!!! INDIA IS GOING TO GET THESE THINGS IN OUR GOOD CULTURE IF WE DONT STOP THIS NOW

  18. A lot of people don’t realize India has over a billion people in it. Second only in population to China. Face it people, India likes the female body, more specifically they like stoofing the female body A…. LOT…..

  19. This is for all the people who dont want to be looking at the IPL cheerleaders! Dont go to the matches, and for those who watch on TV, theres a button on the set that lets you turn it off! Problem solved!

  20. Oh the vitriol of these punk ass bitches…
    Y not return to ur ugly roots if ur not appreciative of the west.
    Talks about hindu controlled companies..This son of a whooped up biyatch is certainly unawares of his so called “hindu owned” shit counting for what,only like a tiny smear on the industrial world…
    Everyday i see these bastards polluting around in here with their ever foul smelling “traditions” if u put it that way. Dont fkin dump ur hideous shyat elsewhere cocksuckers…Fk that krishna,fk ur hate u environmental and “cultural” terrorists…

    P.S.: NO.We’re OBVIOUSLY NOT GIVIN IN TO UR FKED UP THEOLOGY OR IDOL SHIT..Weve moved on from the dark ages,and my dawgs and me even decapitated a few of them “Stone Gods”…As i wait 4 a hindu divine backlash..Yawn…Lmfao on u ideological wimps.

  21. Every woman that is not a slave to man is a prostitute. Is that Indian culture??? 90% of moral outrage is ENVY… in other words, “Where’s mine?”

  22. Rape is not about western dress! Most convicted rapists are moralists ironically, even lecturing the victim about “culture” even as then perform the dastardly deed!

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