Howzat! American Cheerleaders for IPL Bangalore Royal Challengers

IPL cheerleaders

On Friday the Washington Redskins cheerleaders, usually found urging on the American football side of the same name, will make their subcontinental debut when they take to the field for the Bangalore Royal Challengers, the newly created cricket team.

The Challengers will be playing the Kolkata Night Riders, a side backed by Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood megastar, in the inaugural match of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a six-week contest that has attracted the world’s best players with bumper pay cheques, and shaken the sport’s establishment to the core.

The Redskins cheerleaders have promised to deliver an entirely novel form of motivational dance — a blend of traditional all-American cheerleading moves and Indian “Bollywood hip-hop” steps, to add razzmatazz to the IPL.

Donald Wells, the Redskins’ entertainment and cheerleading director, said: “This fusion of dance backgrounds has created a new amazing style. I am really looking forward to the reaction of India towards the Redskins cheerleaders. What we are doing is cutting edge and it’s great to see that we are going to start this squad off on the right foot.”


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15 thoughts on “Howzat! American Cheerleaders for IPL Bangalore Royal Challengers

  1. Its what Bangluru outsources from America!! Its great to know this. I read an article somewhere, it said same thing and included that the British cultural influence in India has been entirely replaced by an American one.

  2. After this the Indian masses will confirm their belief that all white women are whores! I wonder if they will be getting tissues along with their tickets! I wonder how many Indian women will be prepared to be cheer leaders 🙂

  3. Does Indian Cricket really need to follow the West on this Cheerleading thing which exposes young women?

    Guys, concentrate on playing cricket and please don’t ruin our Indian values, especially Women. We don’t need to blindly follow the West.

    Will the Indian-national cricket players bring their sisters as cheerleaders? If not, they should tell their managements that they don’t want cheerleaders.

  4. I donno what the fuss is all about. The so-called YOUNG “Uncles” & “Aunties” who seem to hate cheerleaders are basically two-faced fools. They’ll themselves f*** around with girls, move in with them, get them preg, watch porn, one-night stands… but thats all fine. Thats not westernization just because THEY are at fault.

    People talk about values but I’ll be interested to see how many actually follow these values in real life. Any one can come on websites and talk about “westernization” but if you yourself worship WESTERNIZATION, you have no right to point fingers at others.

    And its a very well known fact that the people dislike things in public, but in their hearts they love it all.

  5. Hey Guys !! Enjoy the Cheerleaders !! No one need to have a HARD stand on these girls…!! Everyone acts a Sadhu or a bahin out of home….

  6. These fools won’t take action on bollywood actress who are wearing the western skimpy outfit but they are ready to take action against these foreign cheerleaders.Pathetic fools

  7. I think the cheerleaders are fantastic. They actually add to the atmosphere and the occassion (much like they did in the South African 2020 matches). Sure the girls are a bit of eye candy, but the dancing is awesome (even from the guys). Love it. Need more of it. Should have thought of this sooner. Some of our indian brothers and sisters need to drop the moral bull s*** and get with the program. There are other more pressing issues in this contry that they should be directing their energy at. We’re part of a global economy now providing global entertainment so leave that narrow minded, backward thinking bollocks behind!

  8. And to those people that think cheerleaders are “distracting”. Get over it, these are professional players who are focussed on the game and building their own stock. If it’s distracting for the crowd, that’s a good thing isn’t it? Better then watching a stand burn down or a riot break out.

  9. I am writing this letter because I recently heard some troubling news. Apparently, a large number of people actually believe The IPL cheerleaders’s claim that it is cunctipotent. I begin with critical semantic clarifications. First, it is entirely conscienceless. We all are, to some extent, but The IPL cheerleaders sets the curve. But this is something to be filed away for future letters. At present, I wish to focus on only one thing: the fact that even The IPL cheerleaders’s cultists are afraid that The IPL cheerleaders will fan the flames of sesquipedalianism into a planet-spanning inferno in the blink of an eye. I have seen their fear manifested over and over again, and it is further evidence that if The IPL cheerleaders continues to befuddle the public and make sin seem like merely a sophisticated fashion, crime will escalate as schools deteriorate, corruption increases, and quality of life plummets. One final point: Compared to disruptive braggarts like The IPL cheerleaders, every pimp is a man of honor.

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