74 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Looking Booty-full In A Gold Dress

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  3. kim i just want u 2 know that im 12 years old i am a big fan of u and i whatch your show every day yoou’re very pretty and some times i just want 2 meet u and your family 1 day i hope u reply omg i just dreazm livig with u love u plz talk back

  4. Kim doesn’t have a fat ass. she has a beautiful ass. A real ass. not a skinny ass that looks like a 12 year old boy.

    Why can’t women want to look like women and not teenage boys?

    Big up to Kim!!!

  5. wow! i love kim she is so pretty…she is hot that is why she love black guys..she is ma dream girl i dont care if i sleep with her one night and die after that..i wish i will one day

  6. Have I been living on mars for all of these years but last time I checked Latinas & black women have had nice bubble asses for years. This isn’t the 1st woman to have a butt, there are plenty even nicer than hers.

  7. She’s not Persian you dumbars… shes half Armenian Who have their own country…which is totally different.

    She isnt from Iran but Armenia…. get this threw your thick fvcking skull!!! Again, Shes Armenian!!!

  8. oooo my Godddddddddd Kiiimmmmmm you are looking gorgeously beautiful…the dress you are wearing is reallly unique and it must be very much expensive but its really looking great on you

  9. western style of xprsion s noticeable. f u are a superstar or know of, keep it to urself or show it off. remember when you show it off someone will take it. nothing lasts and jealousy only make you look nasty anyday. f u can afford it or know how to work it for free then u are in. Ms. KK makes the dress thankful and look good. Ur mama or girl f u have one smells too. but give them nice compliments when they clean up.

  10. shiiiit ; why can’t i be Armenian!
    armenian women always have full curves.
    man, id do anything to have her body..
    she’s so beautiful.

    and btw to all people who say she got implants ; she didnt.
    thats what armenian women are like!!
    my country is so close to armenia, why did i have to end up there

  11. She’s Armenian, yes but she’s what you call an Armenian-Iranian(Persian). You can tell by her last name.. Why don’t you do some research…….morons.

    A majority of Armenians immigrated to Iran in the 20th century.
    I should know, my father was friends with her Dad, Robert and he spoke FARSI, which is an Iranian (Persian) language.
    I love how everyone here talks with such conviction, but in actuality you’re just assuming and not basing it on FACTS.


  13. and a correction to lola her dad did not speak farsi becuase farsi is what people from Afghanistan speak so it really showa how much you know….

  14. Just for your info Kristina, Farsi is not what people from Afghanistan speak, they speak Dari. It is the same langage as Farsi which is what Iranians speak, but their is a difference between some words they use and there is a big difference in the accent.

  15. omg !!!!!! she sooo hot … realy i feel i want 2 sleep with her just one time then gooo 2 hell guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud plz help as from this sexy women

  16. hey kim your eyelashes look like spiderss in one of those pictures….hehe but you are gorgeous..!!!!
    by tha way im gay..mmmm

    • your butt cant be better than kim kardashian’s so that means you are lying about your butt being better than kim kardashian’s.

  17. I think kim kardashian is so beautiful she is even more beautiful than me and she has a nice ass two and that is a compilment.

  18. Urgh. I hate her. The only reason she became famous was because she made a homemade sex video and it spread over the internet. She doesn’t even DO anything. It’s the same thing with her sisters. They don’t do anything with their lives but party and have sex. And they made a show about that? What a waste.

    And I don’t care about all those fans out there. She’s just another whore that became famous by chance. Like Paris Hilton. And surprise! Paris Hilton is her best friend.

    Nuff said.

  19. kim you may supposedly have a big bum and what not but ive see bigger so dont get happy
    you are a sket all men want to do is fuck you you aint pretty you wear too much make up- men like me like naturally beautiful women that aint you so stop stickin out you ass you aint black
    so stop tryna be
    all you want is black dick but your holes probly a buckett now
    since the numba of times you been fucked out errrr you give me the creeps!

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