From Sexy to Scary (thanks to Plastic Surgery)

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – The story of Koena Mitra who is a Bollywood actress.









Koena sure seems like she’s gone under the knife in order to get the Angelina Jolie pout and a nice nose. Too bad it did not turn out the way it was expected to.

Here’s the comparison before (left) and after (right):

16 thoughts on “From Sexy to Scary (thanks to Plastic Surgery)

  1. oh yuck… thts ddisgusting.. she dd it to herself.. n she didnt need it yuck.. she mus b sobbing ryt now if she looks at the difference..

  2. dang gurl…u look lyk Jocelyn Wildenstein…the only difference is ..she be much older..and u lukin lyk her at this age,,,,crap crap

  3. I think she looks pretty both ways…. Surgery didnt really take away much… yall make it sound like she jus fucked her self all up! she still looks normal! and pretty too.

  4. I think that she was a natural beauty before and now what made her do that such an ugly thing??? She just looks very ugly!

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